GET MOTIVATED TO GET FIT            



Are you ready to beat down those unwanted pounds around your middle? What is the biggest challenge with getting fit? MOTIVATION! DISCIPLINE! FOCUS!  What if there were an easier way to make the changes you needed to make, that did not require will power or dread.  You will find out about this easy to use and convenient tool when you join BEAT JELLY BELLY  JOIN NOW. 


Do you wish you could just get rid of your jelly belly? Do you wish it were easier to get motivated to exercise and stay disciplined and focused? Wouldn't it be nice to not have to think about exercise or figure out what to do and just follow along smiling and laughing? If so, then you are going to love the " BEAT JELLY BELLY MEMBERSHIP "



This is for the woman who is having a challenge finding the time and motivation to exercise and also take care of her family, job/business, her flow, fun and faith and other responsibilities.  She knows it's important, but just never seems to have the time. Or if she makes the time, she doesn't know exactly what to do or where to start and just feels overwhelmed and confused. SOUND FAMILIAR?


This is for you even if you have a busy schedule and can never seem to find the time to exercise. You can do this even if you started and stopped an exercise program many times in the past. Even if you haven't worked out in a while you will be able to go at your own pace and there will be modifications made especially for you. Even if you don't normally like exercising you will find yourself smiling and having a good time. 


You will discover what works best  for you and have more self awareness and confidence. The  "BEAT JELLY BELLY " has  recorded classes so you can do it at a time convenient to your busy schedule and lifestyle, morning, lunch time any time. There are also live classes held twice weekly.



  •  Group exercise in a supportive  atmosphere
  • Each 30 minute session will be recorded to do from the comfort of your home.  You can do it from your phone, computer anytime or place
  • Step by instruction that can be modified, or just follow along 
  • A  tool that will help you be MOTIVATED, DISCIPLINE AND STAY FOCUSED AND ON TRACK.  This tool takes just 3 minutes per day and you can use from your phone or computer.
  • An exclusive Facebook  Community where you can ask your questions, share you wins and get the support you need.
  • Tools and techniques that address stress, mindset and build emotional resilience in a weekly training/Q & A
  • Follow- up for accountability, it's like having a gym and trainer all in one.


" I am in awe of you... and you're a GIFT! Where's the link? I'm signing up ... I'll do the challenge!!" Kim S.


"D'TaRelle, this is YOUR THING! Love it!!" Dana W.


"I love it! Natural, energetic, fun, dance and lots of smiles!!! It's you!!" Gail G.


"Oh my gosh this was so fun!!! I did a few moves but I am going to go back and do all of it! Thank you. Love this and love your sweet  Soul." Kristin C.


"Oh girl- you are wonderful. I smiled so much watching you. I wish I could join in but I'm physically not able to, but anyone who joins you is absolutely going to love it! ... It was wonderful!" Beverly I.